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1) To Be Or Not To Be An Anti-Aging Doctor

2) Leptin Analogs

3) Heart Disease Breakthrough

4) Big Blue Double-Muscle Syndrome

5) Scientists Battle Obesity Overload

6) Highlights from the International Congress of Andrology

7) Red Wine

8) Presurgical Risks and Herbs

9) Calcium Absorption and Chocolate

10) Carbonated Drinks and Bone Fractures

11) Creatine Supplementation Increases Renal Disease Progression

12) Highlights from Monte Carlo

13) Vitamin E and Serum Hormone Levels

14) Sarcopenia -- The Loss of Muscle Mass and Function 

15) Growth Hormone Use and Abuse 

16) Leptin Analogue Passes Safety Tests -- Effectiveness Varies

17) Few Treatments for Chronic Fatigue Disorder

18) Growth Hormone Deficiency -- Its Impact on Psychosocial Functioning and Quality of Life

19) Stress Can Stress Out the Immune System

20) Ergoloid Mesylates Protect Brain Cells

21) How Are Your Kidneys Doing?  -- How to Protect Yourself
        From the Flu!

22) Liquid Deprenyl

23) Stem Cell Research

24) Hormonal Effects of Red Wine Compounds

25) Research Offers a Sweet Surprise: Chocolate is Good for You

26) Why Stress Tips the Scales

27) Ghrelin: A Newly Discovered Growth Hormone Secretagogue

28) Postmenopausal Hormone Therapy -- Is It Safe?

29) The Neuroendocrinology of Love, Hate And Aggression

30) Antioxidants May Decrease Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

31) Discovery of Another Gut Hormone That Affects Appetite

32) Remarkable Advance with Adult Stem Cells

33) Chronic Infection May Contribute to Stroke Risk

34) Don't Crack the Back? No Benefit of Chiropractic for Low Back Pain

35) Endocrinology of Benign and Malignant Prostate Disease in Aging

36) The Apolipoprotein E e4 Allele and Decline in Different Cognitive Systems During a 6-Year Period

37) Testosterone: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

38) Tools for Transformation

39) Studying Cellular Stress with Molecular Chaperones

40) Sarcopenia -- The Role of Mitochondrial DNA (mt DNA) Deletion Mutation

41) Myoplex® Effectiveness For Sarcopenia of Aging

42) "Haplotype Blocks" [A Clue to Our History as a Species]

43) Molecular Genetics In Clinical Practice

44) Meditation

45) Muscle Builder Myoplex®Induces Il-4

46) Evidence From the Biological Mechanisms of Aging. Evolutionary Models Suggest There Are Specific Interventions that Make It Possible to Extend Human Longevity

47) Fatique, Sleeplessness Could Signal Heart Attacks In Women

48) Hormone Updates-New Findings On Estrogen & Testosterone

49) Growth Hormone Deficiency as a Consequence of Traumatic Brain Injury

50) Research on Aging: The End of the Beginning

51) Iron Overload and Hemochromatosis

52) A New Model of Female Sexual Desire

53) Androgen Therapy in Women

54) Androgen Therapy in Women -- A Review of Clinical Trial Data

55) The Importance of Fibrinogen in Coronary Disease and the Atherosclerotic Process

56) Popular Diets Usually Effective for Losing Weight

57) Hormone Updates -- New Information on the Role of Ghrelin as a Novel Regulator of Gonadal Function

58) Fat Hormone May Trick the Body To Help It Keep Extra Pounds Off

59) The Male Brain

60) The Lee-Benner Theory on a Cause of Alzheimer's Disease [AD]

61) Does Growth Hormone Cause Cancer?

62) Definition of Myostatin

63) Fruit and Vegetable Supplementation in the Aging Brain

64) Individualized GH Adult Therapy Improves Maximal Aerobic Exercise Capacity

65) FDA Acts on Fraudulent Claims of Bioidentical Hormone Benefits

66) The Gain in Weight Reigns Mainly In the Brain

67) What makes a good nutritional supplement?

68) Testosterone Opposes IGF-1 Feedback in Older Men

69) Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps

70) Growth Hormone Deficiency

71) Study Shows Growth Hormone Boosts Sprint Speed

72) The New Biology And Transformation

73) Did You Know Dieting is a State of Mind?

74) Anti-Ghrelin Obesity Vaccine?

75) GH Replacement Safe After Cranial Irradiation

76) Neuroendocrinology & Aging: A Perspective

77) IGF-1 Protects Mitochondria During Aging

78) Menopause Status Affects Women’s Verbal Ability

79) Low Testosterone Is Not a Natural Result of Aging

80) Can the Diabetes Drug Metformin Prevent Cancer?

81) Low Levels of Toxic Proteins Linked to Brain Diseases

82) Rapamycin Protocol

83) Senolytic Slides

84) Health Implications of Emerging Biotechnologies

84) Golden Age of Medicine 2.0: Lifestyle Medicine and Planetary Health Prioritized

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