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A Message from Lord Lee-Benner, M.D., F.A.C.E.

Medical Director

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My Background  
Is Growth Hormone Safe?
Happy, Satisfied Patient Results
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My   B a c k g r o u n d

I began the private practice of medicine in 1972, after residency training in neurosurgery, radiology, neurology and psychiatry. I initially worked with seniors who were bed-ridden which gave me a sense of the helplessness and frustration that comes with old age and frailty.

For the more than thirty-five years, I have pioneered in the field of "Clinical Age Management." This journey began while still a medical student with my own innovative research work in cardiovascular pharmacology for the Department of Defense to develop the plasma substitute, hydroxyethyl starch. During that research project, I devised a model to accelerate aging in order to study the properties of colloids in solution. Then, during my surgical rotations through a nationally renowned medical center for the care of burn patients at the Medical University of South Carolina, I was able to use that knowledge to significantly enhance the outcomes of my patients by providing them with high protein intravenous feedings. This led to advanced models of treating psychiatric eating-disorder patients with my modified protein-sparing feeding techniques in the 1960ís.

It was then that I become acquainted with the free-radical damage theory of aging (Harman, 1956). I theorized that the free-radical connection to aging was also the underlying cause of Alzheimerís disease as well as other neurodegenerative disorders, such as Parkinsonís, ALS (Lou Gehrigís disease), and Multiple Sclerosis, as well as atherosclerosis, immune decline of aging and cancer.

During my career as a practicing physician, I became one of the first doctors to use nutritional medicine and emphasize the use of essential nutrients to control free-radical damage. Of course, as medical science has advanced, I have continued to incorporate leading edge treatments to benefit my patients.

As a neurologist and psychiatrist in the 1970ís, many of my patients were challenging diagnostic and therapeutic dilemmas, requiring me to master the skills of clinical endocrinology. From treating children with endocrine disorders and particularly children who were growth hormone deficient, I became convinced of the benefits of growth hormone, and hypothesized the Growth Hormone Theory of Aging and wrote the first textbook on anti-aging treatment in 1974.

As an established pioneer in the field, I have:

been on the teaching staff as an assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania for 9 years.
published numerous scientific articles and three medical textbooks which have been used by medical students and physicians throughout the country as well as a book for the general public.
taught hundreds of physicians my techniques.
have been an invited speaker and participant in many national and international meetings.

In addition to my clinical practice, I have:


continued to maintain an active interest in science devoted to the latest in biomedical research, and in real interventions that are beneficial to man such as insights from basic science journals, and techniques from related medical specialties that I can apply to benefit my patients.
earned over 200 hours each year in continuing education credits (only 25 credits per year are required for California Medical Board licensure).
been conducting ongoing drug trials as a principal investigator for the Pharmacia-UpJohn Pharmaceutical Companyís FDA approved study for human growth hormone.

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M y   P u r p o s e

Itís that feeling of helplessness associated with aging that inspired me to explore preventive medicine and dedicate my life to finding preventive causes of diseases that accelerate aging. I embarked in this field when there were only a few ahead of me and very little research was being devoted to the biological process of aging. This issue is a matter of enlightened self-interest to human society, because it is the research area that has the most promise to ameliorate the problems of older individuals.

In 1985, thanks to the advances in molecular biology, growth hormone could be synthesized which made it abundantly available for clinical use. I found that by adding growth hormone replacement to my clinical age management program, I was able to significantly slow and prevent some of the signs and effects of aging! Since 1985, I have worked with more than 20,000 patients. It is that level of expertise that sets me apart from almost all other "clinical age management" physicians in the country.

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I s   H u m a n   G r o w t h   H o r m o n e   S a f e ?

I am frequently asked, "Is hormone replacement safe?" No treatment in medicine is 100% risk free. It is my level of experience that minimized complications and maximizes successful outcomes. I maintain that hormone replacement under the guidance and supervision of a clinical neuroendocrinologist is one of the safest in medicine. I am so confident in this technology that I have treated myself, my wife, her aged-mother, as well as the members of my own immediate family for 18 years. I have also been privileged to treat many physicians and members of their families.

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F e e s

My fees reflect the high level of experience and expertise in combination with the quality of comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic care my patients receive. When choosing a physician for your own "clinical age management," look for skill, experience, advanced knowledge, and technology.  When it comes to your health, it is no time to bargain hunt. 

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P o s s i b l e   P i t f a l l s

I anticipated the health care climate would have to be changed in order to accommodate the coming shift in our society as the "baby boomer generation" became aged. So, I prepared myself through many years of education and research as well as continue to extend my knowledge by staying abreast of all the current biomedical scientific advances. Now, there are literally thousands of physicians who are transitioning their practices into this new medical specialty without going through the necessary preparation in the fields of endocrinology, neurology, immunology, and nutritional medicine.   These self-acclaimed "anti-aging specialists" are hyping their practices with the same phrases I coined 30 years ago, such as "medicine of the future" and "medicine for the 21st century."

For your clinical age management program, I urge you to choose a Neuroendocrinologist.  Anything else is a serious risk you should not take with your health...

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H a p p y,   S a t i s f i e d   P a t i e n t   R e s u l t s

More than half of my patients come to me referred from other happy patients, and the remainder come referred from other physicians, or health caregivers. I worked very closely with my patientsí regular physicians as a specialist and consultant in my own field of expertise. My patients continue to consult with their family physician for their primary care needs.

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G o a l s

I'm thankful for the ability to make a difference in the way my patients are able to face the future. It is a supreme compliment and a heart-felt privilege to me, that a patient chooses to bestow his/her trust.

My goal in life is to improve your lifestyle by reducing or eliminating your frailty and dependence that occurs with advancing age. I look forward to helping you achieve your best possible result.


Lord Lee-Benner,  M.D.,  F.A.C.E.

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