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How Are Your Kidneys Doing?

Testing For Microalbuminuria

How To Protect Yourself From The Flu!

E-Newsletter No. 21

bullet.jpg (1516 bytes) Why Do I Have To Be Concerned About My Kidneys?

One of the serious complications of diabetes is damage to the kidneys. A test is available to detect early changes in your kidneys.


bullet.jpg (1516 bytes) How Is This Test Done?

Your doctor will just need a sample of your urine. Your doctor will have the lab test your urine for microalbuminuria.


bullet.jpg (1516 bytes) What Does “Microalbuminuria” Mean?

“Micro” means small or small amounts, “albumin” is a protein, and “uria” means in the urine. One of the earliest signs of kidney damage is the appearance of small amounts of proteins called albumin in your urine. This protein is produced by your liver, and is normally found in your blood. It normally does not appear in your urine. The appearance of small amounts of albumin in the urine is called microalbuminuria.


bullet.jpg (1516 bytes) Why Is Being Tested For microalbuminuria Important?

If your doctor finds that your urine contains low levels of the protein albumin, your kidneys may be showing early signs of damage. The importance of finding early changes in your kidneys. Treatment for disease of the kidney is most effective if started very early in the course of the disease.


bullet.jpg (1516 bytes)   How Often Should I Be Tested?

Discuss this with your primary care physician. Your doctor may recommend annual testing of your urine for albumin. It is a great test to check how your kidneys are doing!


Protect Yourself From The Flu!

bullet.jpg (1516 bytes) What Is Influenza?

Influenza, otherwise known as the “flu,” is an infection of the respiratory system. Your best defense against the flu virus, is simple…get a flu shot.


bullet.jpg (1516 bytes) Should I Get A Flu Shot?

Yes. Especially people with diabetes, other chronic illnesses, or just older individuals, because of their immune decline with aging, have a tougher time fighting off infections. As a result, people with these conditions are at a higher risk of being hospitalized with flu complications, or even worse, die.


bullet.jpg (1516 bytes)   Can A Flu Shot Give Me A Flu?

No. The flu vaccines do not contain a live virus so they cannot infect you. Some people catch a cold shortly after getting this immunization. This is not a result of the flu vaccine. The flu is not a cold.


bullet.jpg (1516 bytes) Where Can I Get A Flu Shot?

You can get vaccinated for the flu by your primary physician every fall!


bullet.jpg (1516 bytes) How Often Should I Get Vaccinated For The Flu?

You should get a flu shot every year because the flu virus is constantly mutating (changing), and so, last year’s protection won’t be good enough to protect you from the new viral form for this year. Because the flu season in the U.S. peaks in the winter, it is most effective to be vaccinated in early fall. It is a good idea for your family and household members to also be vaccinated to protect themselves and you. Protect yourself! Get a flu shot!


bullet.jpg (1516 bytes) What Else Can I Do To Protect Myself?

If your vitamin C level is low, the immune system is left wanting, diminishing the activity of macrophages, immune cells that literally eat invading viruses and bacteria. At the first sign of flu-like symptoms (fatigue, achiness, running nose) begin 1000mg of Vitamin C every 20 minutes up to bowel tolerance (intestinal gas, or loose or watery bowel movements). A good prevention practice is to take high level of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in divided doses two or more times daily. Perfect Balance Formula (please click on Nutritional Supplement section on this website) is specifically designed by Dr. Lee-Benner, and is recommended to be taken on a daily basis for optimum benefit, in addition to a healthy diet.  Along with the Perfect Balance Formula, it is highly recommended that you regularly take the entire the Perfect Mind supplement. To order: please click on Nutritional Supplement Section-Order Form on this website.

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