The Lee-Benner Method
Program for "Anti-Aging"


Clinical Age Management

Welcome to the Lee-Benner Method! We have many treatment options that will enable you to decide on a specific, individualized program that best suits your goal and budget. You may choose to be in any one or all of the levels below. Because our program is highly individualized, the levels listed may only serve as a general guidance to help you with your decision. A specific course of treatment will be decided by you along with Dr. Lee-Benner’s recommendation.

Level I: Self-Managed Care

This is the beginner level to our "Anti-Aging Program" and is the only level that does not require an evaluation by the physician. This program optimizes and balances your health through the use of diet, exercise, antioxidants, immune system builders, and "smart nutrients".  Please click here to learn more about our dietary supplements for self-guidance.

You could also sign up for an automatic monthly delivery of your supplements by clicking here order supplements.

Level II: Comprehensive Evaluation

A comprehensive Anti-Aging evaluation requires a complete neuroendocrine work-up. This consists of a specific battery of laboratory studies (blood tests), a personal history, physical and neurological evaluation.  The Level II initial comprehensive evaluation with Dr. Lee-Benner requires a full day of his time and expertise.

The preparation for this evaluation includes:


Laboratory Studies: consists of a neuroendocrinological panel. Please contact the office so that the patient coordinator can provide you with the request form. These initial studies should be done in the fasting state. No food other than water for 9 hours prior to having your blood drawn. For your convenience, we do have a list of recommended laboratories. However, you have the option of choosing your own. This panel will take approximately 10 days to finalized all lab results. The cost of laboratory studies is not included in this evaluation. It will vary depending upon the laboratory you use. Each laboratory has its own policy regarding insurance.


The Patient Health History Questionnaire: Please bring this completed form with you at the time of your evaluation.


The Rate of Aging Analysis: Please fill out the answer sheet and bring it with you at the time of your evaluation.


Dr. Lee-Benner also requests that you provide us with any records of pertinent medical history at the time of your consultation.

The level II initial comprehensive evaluation with Dr. Lee-Benner requires a minimum of six hours to complete, depending upon the complexity of your medical history and current condition. At the end of the evaluation, you can expect to have a comprehensive proposal of treatment options which will enable you to decide on a specific course of treatment that best suits your individual needs, lifestyle and help you achieve your personal goals.

Level III: Early Disease Detection Program

We recommend this program to anyone over 30 years of age. A family history of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, chest pain, smoking or sedentary lifestyle can make this program especially beneficial.  

This is a two-day evaluation consisting of the following:


Comprehensive anti-aging evaluation (Level II).


Early Disease Detection: while the annual physical is still important, an early detection system can uncover asymptomatic and often life-threatening disease generally not detectable by physical exam or standard screening tests. This allows for management of disease at earlier stages, where medical therapy and treatment options are less costly and less invasive.


An in-depth 3-dimentional non-invasive scan: a computerized journey through your own body, from your the neck to your pelvis. This comprehensive review includes: the heart and arteries, identifying near-microscopic amounts of plaque; the lungs at the air cell level showing the earliest stages of smoke damage, emphysema or lung cancer; the breasts, providing invaluable information to women in early breast cancer detection, augmenting the mammogram; the spine, evaluating for osteoporosis, disc disease, and other back problems; internal organs for detection of small tumors, stones, and cysts; aneurysms in the abdominal and chest cavities; thyroid and parathyroid disease; uterine, ovarian and prostate disease. This process of self-visualization is a powerful motivational guidance system for making important life changes.


Patient Education, Empowerment and Treatment Options: The Lee-Benner Institute will educate you about the disease and work along side with you to help keep you on the right course towards optimum health. We will help you meet your specific needs through our comprehensive range of services and treatment options.


Unique Tracking Capability: your data is stored electronically in our data base to assess your current health and track it into the future. Comparison studies give you the necessary feedback to stay on course with your therapy or make the appropriate changes. Most importantly, this type of tracking will allow you and your doctor to optimally manage the disease in order to alter or reverse its course.

Note: Cost of CAT scan is not included.  Blue Cross, Blue Shield, HMO, and Medicare will not pay for this scan.

Cost of Scan is not included in this evaluation.

You will make no formal commitment as to how long you will stay in the program. You may discontinue the service and withdraw from the program at any time. However, please anticipate at least a year (12 months) stay in the program to give yourself adequate time for evaluation. Your biologic age indicators are monitored on a monthly basis. From these indicators, various conclusions about your individual direction and strengths are determined. When certain thresholds are met, a change in your program is indicated. Decisions are made and initiated by joint agreement between you and Dr. Lee-Benner. Once the decision is made to make a change in your program, further analysis will be necessary to determine the effect and length of time needed to optimized your results.

This proprietary clinical age management system, designed by Dr. Lee-Benner, based on your individual needs, has produced results far in excess of the typical “hormone replacement programs” currently available. Dr. Lee-Benner will review in detail his clinical age management results with prospective new clients, including his own personal results, and may provide client references in certain circumstances (allowing for confidentiality issues).