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Before The Lee-Benner Method

Female: Age 42

1. Loose Skin 
2. Prominent Fatty Areas 
3. Poor Muscle Tone 
4. Cellulite

Note: Actual Photo

After The Lee-Benner Method

Female: Age 48

1. Skin Firmed 
2. Fat Dramatically Decreased
3. Good Muscle Tone
4. Cellulite Disappeared

Note: There were no Cosmetic Surgery procedures of any type performed to achieve these results.

Before The Lee-Benner Method

Male: Age 49
August, 1998

After The Lee-Benner Method


Here is an example of what can be accomplished: this beautiful lady has been
a patient of Dr. Lee-Benner's for 25 years. In this recently submitted
unretouched photo of herself, she is 61 years of age!

"Before" and "After" The Lee-Benner Method

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Winner, Body For Life Challenge 
National Champoinship Contest -- Senior Division 
December 1999

Lord Lee-Benner, M.D.
Age: 69
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 165 Ibs.
Body Fat: 6%
Blood Pressure: 120/80
Cosmetic Surgical Procedures: None