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Ask Dr. Lee-Benner (FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions)

In response to the requests from viewers of the TBN show, "Praise the Lord", I will print the answers to questions in my newsletter.

Q: A viewer in Newfoundland asks "What is the difference between the Natural and Synthetic hormones Estrogen and Progesterone?"

A: All hormones are now produced synthetically. "Natural" refers to the chemical structure of the hormone. It means that it is constructed to be identical to the hormone produced naturally by the endocrine glands of your body. "Non-natural" refers to other chemical modifications to the basic natural hormone structure. Both types, "natural" and "non-natural" have to meet the same standards of biological effectiveness. However, there have been subjective reports, on an anecdotal basis, of side-effects from the "non-natural" hormones as compared to the "natural" hormone. In other words, some patients report better responses and less side-effects from "natural" hormones than they do from "non-natural" hormones. All Biological-Strength hormones are only available through prescription after an appropriate medical evaluation. Hormones available "over-the-counter", without a prescription, are too weak to have a significant effect. That is why they can be sold without a prescription. Medical monitoring to evaluate your hormone levels are still advised to ensure you are receiving enough to have them do you any good. Good sources of natural estrogen which I rely on are Triest & Estradiol, both of which require a prescription to obtain. Reliable source of Progesterone also require a prescription.

Q: A viewer from Texas requests information on good ways for good health to counteract a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer. She has a total hysterectomy in 1985 due to excessive bleeding from fibroid tumors in her uterus. Since then she has developed the following problems: urinary incontinence, constipation, stress, varicose veins, fibrocystic disease of the breast (12 surgeries), memory lapses, hair loss, and dry skin.

A: For the prevention of adult-onset diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer, I recommend you follow the Lee-Benner Method described in my book, Turning Back the Aging Clock, which explains what a high-fiber, low-fat, low sugar, complex carbohydrate and low fat, good quality protein diet is and how to follow it. My Longevity Cookbook has many delicious and easy to prepare recipes to help you along your way.

The conditions that have developed since the 1985 hysterectomy are signs of multiple endocrine disorders. Each year after we reach maturity, our hormone production declines. Growth hormone, sex hormones, thyroid hormone, adrenal hormone (DHEA) decline while cortisol hormone from stress and toxic enzymes in the brain and throughout the body, from free-radical damage increase. These changes occur gradually, but progressively. Hormone decline can be treated by taking the appropriate hormone supplements.

The early signs of this decline begin in middle age (the 30's). Fat accumulation, loss of muscle, strength, stamina, hair loss, and wrinkles become evident. By the late 40's, heart attack risk, cancer and memory impairment becomes prevalent. Immune function is also declining making us more susceptible to simple infections that a younger, healthier immune system can resist.

As you may already know, the four leading causes of death are Heart Attacks, Cancer, Strokes (Brain Attacks), and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).  According to the U.S. Surgeon General's report in 1988, all of these are largely preventable (80%) by diet, exercise, and the proper use of nutritional supplements in the form of well-formulated antioxidants and smart nutrients for mental function. If you need more information on the "how-to," and the "what-to-do," I suggest you start with my books and tapes, before requesting a consultation.

Q: A viewer from Wyoming who has Multiple Sclerosis, asks about treatment on nerve damage.

A: Multiple Sclerosis is an auto-immune disorder, that is to say, the immune system goes awry, and attacks the nerves throughout the body or in the brain. Until recently no treatment was available. However, recent advances in Immunology have led to the discovery of immune stimulants that have been helpful in stopping or slowing the progression of neurological loss. They are not effective in reversing the damage. My approach is more along the lines of prevention. It is widely known and becoming generally accepted by the medical establishment that free-radical damage is the underlying insult that causes the immune injury along the nerve tract. For my patients, I use high levels of specific antioxidants in divided doses throughout the day to prevent or reduce the inflammation to the nerve site. I also use growth factor stimulants such as dopamine agonists, growth hormone, and sex hormones to boost healthy immune function, and thereby prevent the injury from, occurring in the first place, as well as repair damage that has occurred previously. This method has also been beneficial in treatment of spinal cord injuries, as well as for patients suffering from early stages of Alzheimer's disease. The non-prescription dopamine agonists and antioxidants are available via mail order from my office. Just ask for the Anti-Aging Kit.

Q: A viewer from Arizona asks about Fibromyalgia Syndrome. She has received information from the Fibromyalgia Alliance in Ohio. They recommend antidepressants, but she states she does not like to use them, especially Prozac.

A: Fibromyalgia Syndrome is a poorly understood chronic condition of inflammation and pain in the muscles and joints. It is usually a result of an injury whether it be physical or mental. It is frequently seen in job-related injuries and in chronic post-traumatic stress disorders. In addition to joint and muscle pain, there is weakness, easy fatigability, depression, impaired immune and mental function. Treatment requires a comprehensive approach of physical therapy, regular use of ice packs to reduce muscle spasm, vigorous exercise including cardiovascular conditioning and weight training for strength and muscle building, along with a sustained, reduced-caloric intake, avoiding sugar, especially avoiding juice from fruits or vegetables. In addition, high levels of antioxidants, immune stimulants and smart nutrients found in the Lee-Benner Method Anti-Aging Kit are essential. As far as drugs are concerned, small doses of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents such as Motrin, Aspirin, Naprosyn and small doses of antidepressants, specifically amytriptyline (Elavil) are also necessary to break the pain, muscle spasm, inflammation cycle. Since this is a chronic disorder, you will always have to be on guard for flare-up reoccurrences and use ice packs, anti-inflammatory drugs and antidepressants when that occurs. Of course you will always need to keep taking your vitamins, follow the diet and keep up with your exercise work-out program. I know it sounds like a lot, but the good side is that it is a good anti-aging program which will help keep you looking and feeling younger longer, too.

Q: A female viewer from Texas asks for information on nutritional supplements and hormones women need to arouse their desire for sex.

A: Nutrients high in Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B12 along with Vitamins C and E, as well as the Bioflavinoids, are all essential for healthy nerve function to provide adequate sensation. They also enhance proper glandular function to provide adequate tissue moisture and lubrication. Choline and the amino acids ornithine, tyrosine, arginine stimulate the mental component of sexual arousal. Nitric oxide from the amino acids ornithine and arginine is considered the "sex trigger" to the nerves in the pelvis that results in erection in males and vaginal arousal in females. Maintaining youthful levels of sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone, as well as small amounts of testosterone (the male hormone) enhance female libido. Supplementing thyroid hormone, if it is low, will make a big difference. Adrenal hormones (pregnenolone and DHEA) which are still available without a prescription, can also be helpful, because they can be converted within the body to estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. This is true for males as well as females. I recommend the Perfect Balance formula, three tablets 3 times daily for the proper combination and amounts of Vitamins B,C,E and the Bioflavinoids. Perfect Body formula, 3 to 6 capsules on an empty stomach, twice daily provides Nitric Oxide, the "sex trigger" needed for sexual arousal. Perfect Mind formula, 3 capsules, 3 times a day is rich in choline and other brain cell transmitters necessary for sexual fantasies as well as the emotional energy required for sex. Perfect Mind II is rich in Pregnenolone as well as other substances, used to enhance memory and production of sex hormones. Dosage should beat least three tablets, 3 times a day. DHEA can be taken separately. Dosage of DHEA depends on blood levels, so medical monitoring is essential for proper usage.

Q: A viewer from Indiana is experiencing memory loss from early menopause. She is asking for information on products to order that will be helpful to her during this period of transition. 

A: Recent research in aging has discovered that long term supplementation of estrogen resulted in a lower incidence of age-associated memory loss and a lower incidence of Alzheimer's disease.  Estrogen, Testosterone, Pregnenolone, and adrenal hormone, when given to laboratory animals or aging adult humans has enhanced memory over 100 times greater than any other hormonal substance. All of these hormones are interrelated. Pregnenolone goes on to produce estrogen, DHEA, progesterone, and testosterone in the adrenal glands. All of these hormones are declining after middle-age (the 30's). By the time menopause occurs, they have declined sufficiently to affect memory, as well as other complex mental functions, such as concentration, calculation, comprehension, and even balance and coordination. Perfect Mind and Perfect Mind II formulas are designed to provide the ingredients necessary to restore these functions to a more youthful level. A healthy diet and vigorous exercise,avoiding nicotine,and ingesting only moderate amounts of alcohol,are also very important parts of this overall recommendation.

Q: Another viewer from Indiana asks about my comment on Lactic Acid in Fibromylagia Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He also suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis.

A: Lactic acid is produced in muscles as an incomplete breakdown product of anaerobic metabolism. During aerobic exercise, oxygen and glycogen are completely metabolized (broken down) into high-energy phosphate bonds, carbon dioxide (CO2), and water. When the oxygen supply to the muscle is impaired, such as during anaerobic exercise (when the heart rate go over 80% of maximum heart rate), or ischemia (the loss of regular blood flow due to blockage of the vessels supplying blood and oxygen to that muscle) then glycogen breaks down incompletely to form lactic acid instead of CO2 and water. Buildup of lactic acid in the muscle causes pain, cramps and spasm, signaling the rest of the body that this muscle needs rest and air in order to recuperate. As the lactic acid leaks out into the blood supply, it goes to the brain creating a sensation of fatigue. It also causes feelings of intense anxiety, and even a sense of impending doom.

Hyperventilation Syndrome is another classic model of lactic acid buildup. People in a state of panic or excessive exercise will automatically breathe too rapidly and blow off all the CO2 in their system. Buildup of CO2 is the natural signal to stimulate the body's desire to breathe. When CO2 is depleted due to hyperventilation, then the body's natural drive to breathe is gone. Unconsciously, breathing slows down  for a long enough time (up to several minutes) for CO2 to accumulate again. During this time lactic acid starts loading up in the muscles. Suddenly the body experiences a tremendous drive to breathe, sensations of extreme anxiety, impending doom, tightness in the throat, chest, scalp muscles, and fatigue along with extreme air hunger. If allowed to go on uncontrolled, this air hunger will precipitate another episode of hyperventilation, thus setting up a vicious cycle of lactic acid buildup.

In Fibromyalgia Syndrome, there is the same vicious cycle of inflammation, pain, spasm, and lactic acid buildup. Lactic acid is the signal to the immune system for the inflammatory response, and is the source of the pain and muscle spasm. To break this cycle, I put ice packs on the muscle to numb it and break the inflammation- to- pain-to- spasm response. When the spasm is gone then normal blood flow can wash out the lactic acid buildup and provide enough oxygen to allow complete (aerobic breakdown of glycogen. Healthy muscle function is not yet restored. It requires regular muscle conditioning through aerobic exercise 5 to 6 times weekly and muscle building from training with progressively heavier heavy weights every week. Heat is not as effective as ice packs, because prolonged heat will cause the overheated muscle to shut down its own blood supply thus causing muscle spasm in an effort to help the muscle cool down from an overly excessive blood flow which occurs in response to the heat.

While we are on the subject of immune system inflammation, Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is another condition caused by this response. Inflammation pain and swelling in the teflon-like membranes surrounding the large joints of the body are due to flare-ups in the immune response causing the white blood cells to attack these joints space tissue.

Recent research indicate that virus like particles are a possible cause for RA. Antibiotics,or a newer developmental treatment called monoclonal antibodies,or,as a last resort, cellular toxins, such as cancer killing agents to suppress the immune system, are the principal treatments used by Rheumatogists.

Dietary practices, although this is almost unknown outside of the nutritional science circles, are also a common source for this type of inflammation. Sugar produces the white blood cell to release hydrogen peroxide and lysosomal (digestive) enzymes into the blood stream and into the joints. In the blood vessels this causes buildup of cholesterol plaques and hardening of the arteries. In the joints, this causes the pain, and swelling deformities of arthritis.

A large percentage of my patients have been able to completely do away with the use of toxic and expensive drugs and become pain free as well as have a noticeable improvement in swelling, stiffness and joint deformity. They achieve this by strictly adhering to a diet free of sugar in any form. This includes avoiding fruit or juices made from fruits or vegetables. They follow a high dietary fiber, high protein diet divided into 6 small feedings per day, and take my Perfect Balance and Perfect Body formulas to protect themselves from the free radical injuries that cause inflammation, and to promote healthy immune function. This technique of prevention and intervention is simple and cost-effective, and since it obviously does not require any direct medical attention.

Q: A viewer from Kansas City, Missouri wants to know what she can do to avoid hormone therapy.

A: Up to a point you can force the body through the use of dietary techniques, nutritional supplements, aerobic exercise, weight training, sun screen, Retin-A to slow the inevitable appearance and progression of aging physically and mentally. However, hormone decline is effecting the molecules of the cell. This gradually results in cellular arrest, immune decline, frailty, weakness, senility, and susceptibility to infection and diseases which eventually result in death.

Scientific advances in hormone replacement therapy, according to the July 2, 1990 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine in a report about Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy in men aged 60 to 90, "was the equivalent of reversing aging by 10-20 years in three to six months." That dramatic conclusion was all the more impressive coming from one of the most prestigious journal of the conservative medical establishment in the United States of America. Further confirmation has since been published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Science, The Journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Lancet, the British Medical Journal, The Journal for Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, etc.

Hormone replacement therapy, using human growth hormone, the sex hormones, thyroid and adrenal hormones, are now providing scientific tools which effectively retard or reverse the physical and mental decline of aging and prolong healthy youthfulness throughout the life span.

Longevity is a fact of life in modern society .Average life span has doubled in this century. However the decline of health and youthful function has not been altered. In the past ten years new advances in science have enabled people to change their dietary habits enough to see a reduction in the rate of cardiovascular disease and adult onset diabetes in this country. Feebleness, frailty, senility, complete dependence on medical care for multiple system disease, the number of nursing home residents continues to rise. This has overwhelmed the private and government resources available. I am in the position to see it and hear it every day. I believe it is urgent to get this message out and to educate the public of what science has made available, and to urge everyone to take advantageof this knowledge to the fullest extent that is possible. The responsibility is yours. You must make the choice.

Q: A viewer from Colorado asks for information on natural ways to lose weight and stop smoking.

A: For a natural way to stop smoking, please order my book,How To Stop Smoking Now, on stopping smoking. It has helped many people to not only quit smoking, but also to stay off it.

My method for natural weight loss is contained in my book, Turning Back the Aging Clock, which includes my Longevity Cookbook for recipes on how to prepare delicious, low calories and highly nutritious meals which automatically causes you to loose inches of fat when combined with a 30 minutes, 6 times a week aerobic exercise, and a 3 times a week 30 minutes heavy weight training program. It is important to supplement any diet with my AntiAging Kit to get adequate protection from free radical damage, as well as to slow the mental and immune decline associated with aging.

Q: A viewer in Buffalo, N.Y. wants a referral to a doctor in her area that is like me.

A: For doctors who are knowledgeable in the therapies I use, the Lee-Benner Institute offers a 2 year program to become a Fellow of the Lee-Benner Institute. These are outstanding physicians who have a strong career interest in Antiaging Medicine and have completed my high-caliber training program in the Lee-Benner Method of Aging Control. (Refer to my website  Perhaps you have a trusted doctor who would like to become a candidate.

Q: A viewer from Washington State wants information about which over-the-counter item, such as Mexican yam powder can she take for "shrunken ovaries." She also wants to know how much she should take and whether she can mix it with her medication which she can get with Medicaid in her state.

A: As much as I would like to say something positive, I can't recommend anything you would get from a health food store. First of all, there is absolutely no regulation of the substances they are selling you, except that they do no harm and are not associated with any medical claims of benefit since they are not under a medical doctor's supervision. Substances patients bring to me to have analyzed are unfortunately very often completely bogus. That is to say, often you can not find any or only a trace amount of the substance that the label states are within the container.
Secondly, these substances in order to qualify to be sold in the unregulated over-the-counter market [avoiding F.D.A. approval],they are required to be so weak in their action that you would have to take massive amounts to have a biological effect in your body. That brings you the question of how much of this stuff should you take? I do not have a clue. The only way to know that is to have a medical doctor obtain serial blood levels of your hormone function on varying doses, until you and your doctor decide you are getting enough to benefit you, and, not harm you. The only substances I will vouch for are products that I am able to supervise the source of raw materials, factory production, quality control and analysis of each batch. All of the substances I recommend are produced fresh every three months. The Natural Foods Association industry standard for products sold off the shelf is over two years!

Q: A viewer from Indiana writes that her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease 6 months ago. Within the the past 2 years he has lost 40 pounds, but all his physical exams up until 6 months ago have been considered normal. He is now taking DHEA 430mg/day. What help would I recommend?

A: Alzheimer's Disease is characterized as behavioral changes associated with gradual onset of memory loss, recent, more than remote recall, then progressing to loss of recognition of loved ones, confusion and disorientation, then global loss of intellectual function, speech, and ultimately loss of bowel and bladder control and the ability to self-feed. Death usually occurs as the result of some low-grade urinary tract infection, a virus, or simply community-acquired pneumonia. Significant weight loss is a hallmark of a rapidly declining state.

Alzheimer's is a pathologic diagnosis; in other words, it takes a brain biopsy to confirm its presence. This is usually not done until after death. Therefore it is easily confused with the other more common form of dementia which comes from "hardening of the arteries' resulting in multiple blockages (infarcts) in the tiny blood vessels which supply the brain. This type of impairment is sometimes reversible through diet and chelation treatments.

Treatment for Alzheimer's disease is on the horizon. There are some drugs now available that help temporarily to prolong the levels of chemicals the brain cells use to communicate with each other, thus temporarily helping to stimulate memory functions. Unfortunately this does nothing to halt or even slow down the progression of disease.

More recent research in areas corresponding to my own theory [ of an autoimmune attack causing inflammation and free-radical damage as the cause of Alzheimer's] is resulting in some new drugs being developed which may prove to help protect and perhaps even reverse some of the damage that has occurred. In the mean time we are gaining more understanding through the recent findings that low blood-brain iron content, people who used motrin, or who took estrogen supplements seem to have less of an incidence of Alzheimer's than populations of people who did not have these findings.

All of these findings are consistent with my theory on the cause of Alzheimer's that I published in 1984. Since that time I have treating my patients who have signs of early Alzheimer's successfully with the use of brain stimulation, human growth hormone, and sex hormones which are nerve cell growth factors, and antioxidants to prevent further brain cell inflammation from free-radical damage. I also prescribe nutritional supplements I have manufactured for my own use that help stimulate and restore mental function. These formulas contain specific herbs,vitamins, and amino acids in sufficient amounts and combinations accompanied by their vitamin co-factors. For the convenience and peace of mind of my patients I have designed the Perfect Mind I and the Perfect Mind II formulas, along with liquid deprenyl and ergoloid mesylates,  which I recommend for treatments as well as prevention of Alzheimer's disease to all of my patients.

Q: A viewer from Clearwater, Fl asks for a diet to help arthritis and Prostate as well as any other suggestions for general help.

A: A recent meeting of the American Cancer Society conducted at Lake Tahoe, NV assembled the top scientific investigators in the field of Prostate Cancer. Guess what they had for dinner? Low fat, low sugar, high fiber meals with a small amount of fresh fruit, and lots of fresh vegetables. They also were all taking high doses of antioxidant vitamins to counteract free-radical damage! Most of their research reports concerned the dietary intake of fats and sugars, associated with low fiber intake, as a primary underlying cause of prostate disease. Other findings are that testosterone, long thought to be a cause of prostate cancer may actually be a preventive agent. Testosterone had been implicated because it was associated with elevated enzymes associated with prostate cancer that had spread to other parts of the body. Testosterone is now understood to be a growth factor just like growth hormone, the adrenal hormone DHEA, and estrogen. It stimulates sexual function which is actually good for the prostate. In fact, frequent, i.e. daily, sexual activity releaves prostatic engorgement, which may be the best preventive exercise you can do to avoid enlarged prostate development after middle age.

Prostate suffers who follow these techniques also benefit from relief of their arthritis symptoms. It seems the same mechanisms contributed from poor diet , declining hormones and lack of nutritional supplements interact to cause both inflammation and, eventually, cancer throughout the body.

Q: A viewer from Idaho is very interested in the "Natural Hormones," estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. She states, "I am 63 and still look and feel pretty good. I started on the" patch" over a month ago, but I know I need more."

A: Yes, you do. In fact, you need to be tested for all of your hormone levels so that you can know exactly what you do need. Then with the guidance of a doctor knowledgeable in the use of hormone replacement to treat normal healthy aging you can develop a comprehensive program that takes advantage of all the latest scientific advances which can keep you looking and feeling good for as long as you live.

By the way, there is more to antiaging than hormone replacement. Scientific high performance training, advanced pricisional nutritional techniques, stress management through the spiritual conduct of the body and mind by achieving mental harmony all equally as important.

Q: A viewer from Arizona asks what medical tests should be taken before getting started on estrogen and progesterone.

A: General precautions:
1. A complete medical and family history should be taken prior to the initiation of any estrogen therapy. The pretreatment and periodic physical examinations should include special reference to blood pressure, breasts, abdomen, and pelvic organs, and should include a Papanicolaou smear. As a general rule, estrogens should not be prescribed for longer than one year without another physical examination being performed.
2. Fluid retention- Because estrogens may cause some degree of fluid retention, conditions which might be influenced by this side-effect such as asthma, epilepsy, migraine, and cardiac or renal dysfunction requires careful observation.
3. Certain patients may develop undesirable manifestations of excessive uterine bleeding, breast pain, phlebitis,migraines, or autoimmune disorders.
4. Unopposed estrogen therapy has been reported to increase the risk of endometrial hyperplasia, breast and uterine cancers in some patients, as well as increased risk for blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes.
5. Oral contraceptives appear to be associated with an increased incidence of mental depression. Although it is not clear whether this is due to the estrogenic or progestogenic component of the contraceptive, patients with a history of depression should be carefully observed.
6. Preexisting uterine leiomyomata may increase in size during estrogen use.
7. The pathologist should be advised of estrogen therapy when relevant specimens are submitted.
8. Patients with a past history of jaundice during pregnancy have an increased risk of recurrence of jaundice while receiving estrogen containing therapy. If jaundice develops in any patient receiving estrogen, the medication should be discontinued while caution in such patients.
9. Estrogens may be poorly metabolized in patients with impaired liver function and should be administered with caution in such patients.
10. Because estrogens influence the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus, they should be used with caution in patients with metabolic bone diseases that are associated with hypercalcemia or in patients with renal insufficiency.
11. Estrogens have been associated with increased risk of surgically confirmed gallbladder disease, high blood pressure, thromboembolic disease, benign hepatic adenomas, worsening of glucose tolerance, hypercalcemia, and hypothyroidism.
12. The potential risk of progesterone replacement include adverse effects on carbohydrate and lipid metabolism.
13. Progesterone used during the first four months of pregnancy has been associated with genital abnormalities in male and female fetuses such as hypospadias in males, and virilization of external genitalia in females.

Q: A viewer from New York asks my opinion on the natural progesterone products sold over the counter made from wild yams and soy beans.

A: Natural progesterone made from wild yams and soy beans is nearly identical to what the body produces. However, yam-derived natural progesterone should not be confused with "yam extracts" sold in health food stores. The body easily converts natural progesterone into the identical molecule made by the body. "Yam extracts" are not converted by the body into progesterone. They have to be synthetically converted into the active substance before they enter the body in order to be utilized. It should be emphasized that products that contain only wild yam extract (diosgenin), but no U.S.P. progesterone, have absolutely no effect on the level of progesterone in the body!

Q: A viewer from Florida asks about whether it is necessary for him to consult with a doctor about aging control and management. He asks, 'isn't diet and exercise the only effective way to stay youthful?"

A: In response, I say there are natural laws of compensation stress. The essence of these laws is that basic nutritional and exercise programs are not adequate to reverse the damage incurred over the course of a lifetime of neglect. Aging is a disease that is just now beginning to be understood. In other words, we are too often ultra-liberal in creating disease, and too radical-conservative when it comes to making the effort to prevent or treat it. The younger you started trying to control it the better off you will be, and it will definitely take more than just diet and exercise to do the job!

Q: A viewer from Dallas, TX asks about frequent facial peels and Retin A treatments for the skin.

A: "Aging is more than skin deep. It really goes clear through to the bones!" I say that in jest in order to make the point that cellular aging of the skin is only an outward manifestation of a much more comprehensive process going on in every cell of your body. It may interest you to know that more than 70% of the aging occurring in the skin is coming from deep within the body. Although it is fine to use face peels, or regular use of Retin A to remove fine wrinkles and minor blemishes of the skin. It is far more important to take high dose of my formulas of antioxidants to protect your skin from wrinkles and sagging. If you notice my skin, at 69, it is still firm, and wrinkle-free. That is because of the nutritional supplements that I have been taking all these years! You have to protect yourself from the inside to preserve your youthfulness on the outside. Treating the outside is not prevention; it is more in line with what I would call only part of a good maintenance program.

Q: A viewer from Australia asks if it is possible to reverse nerve damage.

A: Aging and nerve regeneration-nerve repair occurs slowly, but it can be promoted by growth factors such as taking human growth hormone, or sex hormones. Also nutrition rich in the B vitamins is essential for healthy nerve growth and repair.

Q: A viewer from South Africa wants to loose weight fast,but does not want to lose muscle or body tone,and have loose flabby skin and cellulite.

A: While it is possible to lose more than one pound per week through further calorie restriction or by increasing aerobics, you will lose some muscle along with the fat. On paper, your body will look as if the diet is working. The mirror, however, will tell a different story. Even a 5 percent change in calories or aerobics will cause muscle loss.

The first way of prevent muscle loss is to change the fat to carbohydrate ratio. On the "modern diet," the ratios were:

Protein 25%
Fat 10%
Carbohydrate 65%

In the "isocaloric diet," these are changed to:
Protein 1/3
Fat 1/3
Carbohydrate 1/3

adjusting these ratios will cause faster fat loss. Although there is a scientific explanation for this phenomenon, I first discovered it the hard way through trial and error. No other combination worked.

If you have followed my recommendations for fat choices in the "Modern diet," you are eating mostly essential fats. You would be shocked at how little fat you will need to eat to increase fat calories by 23 percent. Salad and cooking oils don't take up much room. It doesn't take many avocados or walnuts to add a lot of calories. How about- dare I say it- peanut butter? Surely this isn't diet food!

Some people have asked me if the "isocaloric diet" is so superior to the "modern diet," why didn't I recommend it first? Well, most people are used to something like the "modern diet." It is easy to start, "believe" and follow. Each change in long-standing habits require more disciplines.

Why increase protein by 8%? Fatty foods usually contain protein. Eggs, fish, meat and that slice of cheese you can finally eat all contain protein in addition to fat. Even peanut butter contains protein.

The "isocaloric diet" requires more discipline than the "modern diet," but if you are impatient, or have an inflexible timetable, the "isocaloric diet" will get you virtually all the way to your goals. The "modern diet" won't. Of course, strength and energy may suffer for about 5 days, but after that you'll feel even better than before.

The "isocaloric diet" begins to solve a major problem in dieting (aside from hunger and anxiety): impatience. While the problem of impatience has not been completely solved, we have appeased it for now.

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