The AntiAging Physician

There was a man with a passion for long, healthy and exciting life. "Gimme more!" he roared.

But how?

He was confused by all the self serving misinformation out there, and all the products people were trying to sell him.  He concluded that he needed an expert to guide him -- specifically, an antiaging physician!

So he set out to find such a practitioner. He plowed through antiaging physician directories, web sites, and asked for referrals.  He located a number of these so-called "experts", and consulted with each of them.

Sure, he learned a little something from each, but realized most didn't really know that much and were not worthy of the title "antiaging physician". And most were experienced in other areas of medicine and seemed to be in it to cash in on a trend of aging boomers searching for lost youth. One had him on an overly aggressive, misguided and naive program consisting of handfuls of supplements that actually did him a lot of harm.

Then he stumbled upon an article in a local weekly newspaper about Lord Lee-Benner M.D. F.A.C.E. It said Dr. Lee-Benner was an antiaging physician with over 30 years experience. 

It was his lucky day!

So he scheduled a brief initial consult with Dr. Lee-Benner and was truly impressed, so he went on to do the full program.

The first thing Dr. Lee-Benner did was a full medical evaluation with lab workup.  Also Dr.Lee-Benner asked him to keep a list of foods he ate for a week.  With that information the doctor created a personalized, precision, scientifically designed nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, and suggested appropriate amounts of well-designed nutritional supplements, and other methods.  The antiaging physician also made effective recommendations regarding spiritual matters and dealing with life's problems.

The man began living with energy and passion. Life just seemed more interesting. He made smarter decisions.  He was more productive and could now work faster and harder for longer..

Dr. Lee-Benner helped him be more healthy, happy, productive, learning, growing, having new experiences, leading an exciting life while helping make the world a better place

How do I know this?  The man is me! 

-- Johnny Adams
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