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Lord Lee-Benner, M.D., F.A.C.E. has been acclaimed "the World’s leading authority in Anti-Aging Medicine" by Longevity Magazine, 1989, and again by his peers at the First International Meeting of Anti-Aging Specialists, Cancun, Mexico, 1994.  His pioneering clinical research since the 1960’s introduced the terms "anti-aging," "nutritional medicine," "clinical age-management," "longevity medicine," and "life-extension" into the medical vocabulary. Early in his career, he began the experimental use of human growth hormone (hGH) replacement therapy in adults, and is the first doctor in the U.S. to use hGH to treat the effects of aging (Somatopause).

Dr. Lee-Benner has written three medical textbooks: Free Radials, Immunity and Aging, Physician’s Guide to Free Radicals, Immunity and Aging, and Physician’s Guide to Physical Fitness, as well as a book for the general lay public, Turning Back the Aging Clock.    In 1972, he instituted the first practice of Nutritional Medicine for reversal of heart disease and diabetes. This was soon followed by his endocrinological studies leading to his use of hGH to treat the changes related to aging and the first textbook on  anti-aging in 1974.

Although modest about his scientific accomplishments, Dr. Lee-Benner passionately believes in the social value of biomedical research, and furthering the cause of what is now called the public understanding of science.  He says "Science and everyday life cannot and should not be separated".  Also, he is a prime example of the benefits of his work.  When you meet Dr. Lee-Benner and see his youthful vigor and appearance, you will avow he is his own best advertisement for what he does.

After forty years of advanced medical studies, his broad clinical experience in the specialties of neuroendocrinology, neuroimmunology, neuropsychiatry, nutritional medicine and preventive cardiology has produced the most sophisticated medical practice of its kind on this planet.

Dr. Lee-Benner has helped thousands of clients to "grow younger" by reversing and preventing the conditions that wrinkle, weaken, impair, and depress you during the natural process of aging. His clientele includes high level executives throughout North America, Europe, Australia and South America, as well as celebrity clientele from Stage, Screen, Television, and Professional Athletes. Other physicians such as plastic surgeons, orthopedists, radiologists, and dental surgeons also seek his treatments and supervision.
Dr. Lee-Benner personally conducts experimental programs on himself.
Here he is at age 69.
 Dr. Lee-Benner’s dual approach, "reversing & preventing" helps prevent diseases associated with aging, boosts the immune system and assists you in permanent weight loss.  His objective is to help clients who want to "Reverse the Aging Process" and "Live Younger Longer".
Dr. Lee-Benner’s state-of-the-art medical program was developed to cover all major areas of health evaluation. His  initial goal is to detect any adverse medical condition at the earliest possible time. He then utilizes a comprehensive series of medical protocols to correct any existing problems and/or to elevate the overall physical and mental fitness of each client to highest possible level. 



Dr. Lee-Benner is licensed as an M.D. in Florida. Clients can be seen in Palm Beach, FL.

   Fellow of the American College of Endocrinology
  Member of the American Association 
of Clinical Endocrinologists
  Member of the Growth Hormone 
Research Society
  Diplomate of American Board of 
Psychiatry and Neurology
  Diplomate of National Board of 
Medical Examiners

Dr. Lee-Benner has quite a variety of scientific interests. He has maintained an active involvement in clinical research and attends many seminars and symposia on basic science research held throughout the world each year. He also enjoys teaching and is frequently invited to speak before clinical professional and scientific groups, as well as to lay organizations.

He is the author of the first textbook used in medical schools on the subject of free radicals, and he coined the phrase "Nutritional Medicine" back in the 1970’s. His textbook, Physician’s Guide to Free Radicals, Immunity and Aging has been used by Tulane University School of Medicine since 1986.

U.S. Naval Mine Warfare Officer, 1962
Flew torpedo bombers in Korean War

at the Taj Mahal, 1984

Cover of California Magazine, 1992
Caption Lord of Longevity

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