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Menopause Status Affects

Women’s Verbal Ability

E-Newsletter No. 78

     Declines in cognitive function are common among aging men and women.  However, menopause status affects women’s verbal fluency independent  of age. A recent study observed declines in verbal cognitive functioning in women during menopause transition.

     The tests were based on visual memory and on their ability to process abstract and concrete meaning of words. The research concluded verbal function was affected by hormonal differences both on a behavioral and a neuroanatomical level.

     It was suggested the awareness that verbal fluency is vulnerable during this transitioning time of life, may be targeted by pharmacological and behaveioral interventions to preserve this critical function of the cognitive domain.

• Berent-Spillson A., Persad CC, LoveT, et al.
Hormonal environment affects cognition Independent of age during the menopause
Transition. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. Doi; 10.
1210/jc. 2012-1365.


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