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Did You Know Dieting is a State of Mind?

E-Newsletter No. 73

Your mental attitude (mental state) controls your appetite. Your state of mind creates a demand for the food that will make your body reflect the state of consciousness which you possess at that time. You have a certain impression of yourself on your subconscious mind and the food you eat is used by your body’s cells to sustain that subconscious image.

For this reason dieting never produces the results your conscious mind thinks you want. To paraphrase the Bible; “what you believe, you will receive.”

So, if you want to change your body, you must make up your mind to change your mental image of yourself. Concentrate on it, meditate, go into the Silence everyday and practice visualizing positive thin thoughts about yourself. Then keep it up through-out the day. Do not allow yourself to think a kind of food will make you fat. Instead, say over and over “I have eaten a normal amount of food, and I am thinner today than I was yesterday.”

If you continue to think this earnestly and sincerely, you will really begin to get thin. Not all at once, but each week you can lose a pound and, perhaps, gradually, even more. Your mind and its present state of development controls the materialization of the Universal Mind through you. Your present subconscious impressions determine exactly what you are now.

So please do not jump to the conclusion that you can read the truth set forth herein and go right out and start manifesting an entirely new set of conditions.

An acorn is the seed of a mighty oak, but the law of growth must unfold and build up the tree. While the Holy Spirit within you is not subject to time in the same way that a tree must be, the principle is the same. You must gain understanding through mediation, and study; for a new consciousness must be developed before a new set of conditions can arise.

A person who has thought in limiting terms cannot, at first, picture himself possessing and using a huge amount of money; but he can see himself spending wisely a reasonable amount and can gradually entertain the idea of a million dollars. To keep your equilibrium, your consciousness must change first, causing new ideas, which in turn makes new and larger demands on your subconscious mind. These demands will be met in perfect accord with the unseen pattern or mental picture held by you.

The wonderful part of it is you will not crave food as you previously did. When you eat you will have a satisfied feeling for a normal length of time. Taking your thoughts off food, forgetting it except at mealtime and then eating without a thought as to whether it will make you fat or not will kill that terrible, longing, hungry feeling. It is impossible to see two pictures at the same time; so just ignore things as they seem to be and make a perfect picture of your destiny. See yourself a perfect success, happy, healthy, and prosperous.

The strange thing about it all is you will eat less and exercise more often than when you tried so hard to do without food, and you will now be satisfied and contented. It’s not hard, it’s easy. The secret is your attitude of mind has changed. You now think thin thoughts.

In every line of this work I have told you the same universal truth. You can be healthy, happy, and successful by your own efforts and no good can come to you except as it reflects your own state of mind.

Look to this day, for it is Life,
The very Life of Life.
Within its brief span lie all the verities,
And realities of your existence.
The Bliss of Growth
The Glory of Action
The Splendor of Beauty
For yesterday is but a Dream,
And tomorrow is but a Vision,
But today well lived makes every
Yesterday a dream of happiness,
And every tomorrow a vision of Hope.
Look well therefore to this day.
----- The Sanskrit

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